Proudly Bootstrapped

Working Hard! No time for pitch deck. Proud of how we have grown in a couple of years even being bootstrapped. It’s a crazy ride, we’re enjoying it so far

We have chosen to be bootstrapped till now & may continue to stay for a year more. Every entrepreneur should know that equity is the most expensive form of capital (A simple Google search will delve into the details of the same). The larger your scale, the cheaper your equity fund-raising gets. Bootstrapping allows us a lot more freedom in decision-making and more scope to follow our own instincts with advice from just an in-house small core team. The focus is also directed towards one clear goal and there is no interference from investors who might have conflicting visions.

Moreover, with bootstrapping in initial stages allows us a more effective way to ensure positive cash flows in future. We have chosen to put ourselves in the sink or swim situation as we are hungry to do the business just right.

We have adopted a lean business model with innovative ways to be as effective as possible following the principles & the concept of six sigma like Lean, 5S, Kaizen etc. With bootstrapping, we are forced to get good fast, there is no time to waste and no resources to waste in mistakes. Nonetheless, mistakes are still made, lessons are still learned but in the process, we are learning how to stretch our limits.

We are proud of how we have grown in few months since the inception of our business idea with the limited resources & small core team available with us.