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We gained control on our entry-level hiring and could work with more projects without getting more stressed out!

Karthik K
Pune, MH

Extremely happy with the service provided by Just Jobs. Posted a job for driver in a couple of minutes and received 5-7 calls in just 2 days.

Yogesh J
Gurgaon, HR

We have actually hired our office boy that have been waiting forever to get done from local references. Good site to hire blue collar staff.

Nitin M
Rohini, DL

क्या आप अपनी कंपनी, बिज़नेस या स्टार्टअप के लिए एक डिलीवरी बॉयज, रनर्स , फ़ूड डिलीवरी बॉयज, कलेक्शन एक्सेक्यूटिव्ज़, प्लम्बर, रिसेप्शनिस्ट, ऑफिस कोऑर्डिनेटर, पियून, हेल्पर, ऑफिस बॉय, क्लीनर, वेटर, बारटेंडर, अकाउंटेंट हायर करना चाहते हैं? यदि हाँ, तो अभी अपनी जॉब पोस्ट करें।
यह एकदम फ्री और सरल है!

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Frequently asked questions

Just Jobs is one of the most innovative & leading staffing startup focused to provide easy, fast and cost-effective solutions to SMBs and startups to hire staff.
Small businesses, startups and other businesses looking to hire office staff, cooks, drivers, delivery executives, and other blue-collar staff can post their job on Just Jobs.
There are no hidden charges or taxes. You pay, what you see. All prices are inclusive of 18% GST.
Every jobseeker registered on Just Jobs is mobile verified which means every application on your job post or your unlocked jobseeker contact is a 100% genuine jobseeker.
Employer need to handle the police verification of the hired employees.
Employer need to handle the Employer-Employee contract of the hired employees.
Just Jobs offers 'Job Posting Plans' for employers to hire staff. Once your job is posted, jobseekers registered on Just Jobs will be able to apply on your posted job. And once any jobseeker will apply on job post, you will receive his or her contact details in SMS and email.
Just Jobs offers some features under 'Boost Your Job' which helps to get more attractions on your job post. A boosted job gets 3x times more applications as compared to a normal job post.
If you are looking for urgent hiring, you may purchase a 'Database Access Plan' along with a 'Job Posting Plan'. With a 'Database Access Plan', you can directly access the 12 lakhs+ registered jobseekers database of Just Jobs and unlock contacts of verified jobseekers according to 'job profile' and 'city' (no need to wait for applications on your job post).
In such a scenario, you may notify the support team of Just Jobs via chat, email, Whatsapp or call within 10 days of initially posting the job and raise a refund or enjoy a free job reposting.