Just Jobs realizes that the protection of your data is imperative, so security is the biggest consideration in everything we do.

Robust and clean coding

First and foremost, every line of code on our website has been written with your security in mind. We have used the latest framework releases, re-used tried and tested modules, and applied fundamental security considerations in every aspect of the online platform design. We also frequently review and seamlessly update our online platform to keep it ahead of emerging threats. Also, the companies we partner with are experts at hosting sensitive data and experts in keeping data safe.


Just Jobs deploys HTTPS for everything, including on our website. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are mechanisms for safely transmitting data. The SSL protocol is both outdated and insecure, and has since been replaced by TLS. However, the term SSL continues to be colloquially used, referring to a general mechanism for protecting transmitted data.

Encryption, servers & physical security

Your data doesn’t just sit anywhere. Just Jobs servers share a home with the very same servers that power some of the world’s largest and most renowned internet companies. That means ultra-secure data centers with round the clock patrols and monitoring.


Backups are taken daily, and stored as securely as the data itself. We have complete rollback and redundancy features to hand. Even in the event of total hardware failure, we’ll have your data stored safely.

Security document was last amended on 4 March 2017